Pension freedoms, defined contribution pensions, increasing debt, stagnant wage rises, longevity and many other reasons have pushed financial wellbeing up corporate agendas in recent years.

But imagine if every CEO pictured their children falling prey to payday loan providers, PPI calls, that 'no lose' investment tip from someone in a pub or the latest big drive from clever financial marketers. Would this lead to a financial wellbeing rising even more quickly up their agenda?

As parents, teachers, employers and financial educators, we all have a responsibility to build financial resilience in our young people. Not just the sort that means they will build and maintain an emergency savings fund - although that is important. But talking to them about money, raising their financial awareness, removing the complexity, dispelling the myths and revealing the truth so they won't fall prey to financial predators. Our aim should be to give them both the knowledge and confidence to choose between things that are good for them and things that should be quickly ignored. And to provide them with the inspiration and roadmap to establish good financial planning habits from their first job to their last.