As someone who is passionate about giving the power to the people, Caroline Anstee extolls the value of financial education in schools and the workplace.

Anstee believes being able to manage money is just as vital a skill as cooking saying "Nobody can live without money or eating".

Seeing personal finance as one of life's essentials is a bold statement but it's true; without a plan and the knowledge and inspiration to make that plan happen it's very unlikely that people will live the lifestyle they want.

Food is a fuel to drive the body to perform. Money is the fuel to enable individuals to do the things they want in life from what to buy for dinner, to saving for a home, a holiday, a new baby or retiring early.

The two most impactful channels to deliver financial education are at school and in the workplace. In both places, messages can be delivered to large numbers of people from a trusted source. In school people are in learning mode and so accepting new concepts and ideas is commonplace. In the workplace, employers will offer many great financial opportunities via their reward and benefits and so employees using and valuing these benefits is a win-win for employees and their employers. 

As more financial responsibility shifts to individuals and as more savings products become available, people need more help than ever in navigating the savings choices. There has never been more need for quality financial education.