Many people don't know that as well as their monthly contributions to their workplace pension, they can also make ad hoc lump sum contributions, for example from their bonus payment - subject to their workplace scheme rules and having regard to their annual and lifetime pension tax allowances.

The added benefit of putting some or all of their bonus into their workplace pension is that like all contributions to pensions it will have tax relief (at the employee's marginal tax rate) added too. So, if an employee contributes £1,000 of their bonus to their pension, with tax relief this will mean between £1,250 and £1,666 will be added to their pension (for 20% and 40% tax payers respectively).

This is nothing to be sniffed at as these added benefits can be significant and particularly beneficial if they are taken from pre-tax earnings.

But as this research from Aviva shows, very few employees understand tax relief and the benefit they are potentially leaving on the roadside.  Education changes that: with almost 40% more employees saying they would opt to sacrifice bonus direct into their pension following this targeted education.

Imagine the benefit to the pension savings of millions more workers if this simple piece of financial education was given to them.