As the CIPD & Close Brothers' recent research shows, businesses that improve the financial wellbeing of their staff can also improve their bottom line.

Research released on 11 January 2017 shows that a quarter of workers say that money worries affect their ability to do their job. Because of their stress over money, 19% lose sleep, 10% find it hard to concentrate at work or make decisions and a further 8% (14% in London) spend time at work dealing with money issues.

All of this impacts productivity, effectiveness and engagement at work and the research confirmed this is across all sectors, all ages and all salary levels. 

Imagine the boost to your business of even a slight increase in productivity, effectiveness of the quality of output or decision making from a quarter of your staff. 

Introducing a financial wellbeing programme isn't difficult, time consuming or costly but it can deliver huge rewards for staff affected and for the business as a whole.