As the CIPD & Close Brothers research shows, a quarter of staff in the UK worry about money to the extent it affects their ability to do their job.

And this is not just limited to young staff or those on a lower income, it affects all ages, all sectors and all salary levels.

We all worry about money at some point in our lives with particular pinch points at certain times such as worrying about retirement, paying a tax bill, paying off debt or saving for a home.

But this research suggests this worry is ever present and that it doesn't just impact individual health. It also affects the health of the business via lower productivity, a lack of focus and poorer decision making, a loss of engagement and a knock on effect in absenteeism and retention.

Putting a programme in place to improve financial wellbeing doesn't need to be complex or costly and in this research, there is a body of support for employers to help them build a business case and a practical guide on how to get started.