It may be a problem that many of us would like to have but employees who have reached their lifetime allowance (LTA) or annual allowance (AA) pension tax allowance limits still need support to ensure they don't incur potentially significant tax bills and to continue to plan for financial security in retirement.

Financial worries don't only affect those without enough money. As this research shows, there are those who are at their LTA/AA limits who have no understanding of the implications, the potential tax bills they may be incurring and the impact of these reduced allowances on their future retirement savings.

Subject to anything that may be announced in the Chancellor's Autumn Statement, these reduced LTA/AA limits will continue to touch people every year, with more and more of the population reaching these limits each year.

These people need to be aware of these rules, their options and choices and be supported to make good financial decisions to manage any liability to tax and their future retirement plans.

Targeted financial education plus access to guidance and advice can offer a perfect solution; increasing financial awareness for all and with 121 help for those most in need.