New rules regarding fundraising came into effect on 1 November.

There are two new requirements pursuant to the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016.

The first requires charities who work with professional fundraisers/commercial participators to incorporate the following new terms into written agreements*: 

- the scheme for regulating fundraising or recognised fundraising standards that will  apply to the professional fundraiser or commercial participator in carrying out the  agreement;

- how the professional fundraiser or commercial participator will protect the public,    including vulnerable people, from unreasonably intrusive or persistent fundraising  approaches and undue pressure to donate; and

- how charities will monitor the professional fundraiser or commercial participator’s  compliance with these requirements.

The second applies to registered charities who, legally, must get their accounts audited. Now charities are required to include additional information about fundraising in the Trustees’ annual report. The additional information includes**:

- approach to fundraising;

- work with, and oversight of, any commercial participators/professional fundraisers;

- fundraising conforming to recognised standards;

- monitoring of fundraising carried out on its behalf;

- fundraising complaints; and

- protection of the public, including vulnerable people, from unreasonably intrusive or  persistent fundraising approaches, and undue pressure to donate.

Charities will have a grace period to incorporate the changes.

This highlights the importance, as a charity Trustee, of being fully up to speed with all regulatory/legal changes.

Here at Close Brothers we run charity Trustee training over the course of five evenings. Our programmes, which are aimed at both new Trustees and existing Trustees who need a refresher, cover topics such as “governance and strategic planning”, “financial management” and “an introduction to fundraising”, together with an overview of any legislative changes (such as those mentioned above).  What we believe sets the programme apart is the charity matching event on the final evening where participants will have the opportunity to meet charities who are seeking new Trustees.

The next programme in London will commence in 2017, as well as the accelerated Trustee programme (over one day) held in Manchester on 9 November.  

Please contact Josephine Fay ( for further information.