The debate about the potential impact that the introduction of the Lifetime Savings ISA (LISA) will have on pension savings continues.

A Treasury impact assessment report published this week estimates that 800,000 savers will opt to save into a LISA by 2021, comprised mostly of people who have never enrolled into a pension.

Our own research of employers shows 82% feel that the introduction of the LISA will impact staff saving into their workplace pension with 64% believing staff are likely to decrease their workplace pension contributions as a result.

Labour have urged the government to reconsider the launch date of the LISA so that auto-enrolment of small and micro businesses can take place first.

With some providers confirming their readiness to launch a LISA in April 2017, some asking for delays and this ongoing debate, it will be interesting to see if there is anything on this in the Chancellor's Autumn Statement in a few weeks.

No matter the outcome, what is certain is that when LISAs are introduced, there will be even more choice for savers and even more need for education and guidance to ensure they make the best decisions for them and their future.