Understanding changing pension and tax legislation is tough, even for professionals who specialise in it. So why don’t we just invest all our resources in one place and rely on the supposedly safe property market?

Despite the recent volatility in the markets, there is every chance that returns will be positive during your working life, whilst the opposite could certainly happen with property. For many, there are risks associated with the increased debt levels of home ownership to consider.

All around the country, pensions form a significant part of many people’s retirement plans. Others instead rely on the equity they hold in their home. One must remember, however, that you will always need a roof over your head - so if the home you're living in is an investment, how do you sell it and crystallise any material gain?

There are many options for retirement planning, and everyone has their own opinions, however relying solely in property to fund your lifestyle after you finish working is one of those that really may be the definition of putting all your eggs in one basket.