Having pondered over the weekend about when is the best time to pick apples from the tree burgeoning huge, glossy, red ones in my garden, it struck me that the gardener's approach may help to embed good financial planning habits.

As this article shows, gardeners are used to planning their activity in line with the months and the seasons. Why not take the same approach to financial planning? 

It's January, time for a root and branch approach pruning out unnecessary spend.

It's February, why not propagate some seedlings and start saving a little per month?

It's March, tidy up time before the onslaught of spring and check that you have used all tax allowances before the end of the tax year.

You get the idea.

Good financial planning is not just down to knowledge and expertise, it is about constant review and application on a regular basis and a little work often is better than a lot of work once a year. A bit like gardening.