Wellbeing strategies that focus only on physical and mental wellbeing are missing a key piece - financial wellbeing. Without it overall wellbeing cannot be achieved and worrying about money can also impact mental and potentially physical health.

A focus on financial wellbeing is becoming even more important with the rise of defined contribution pensions, increasing longevity and the increased responsibility this places on all individuals to take control for and plan  their finances for today and for their future.

Our research in November 2015 showed only 24% of employers have financial wellbeing as part of their overall wellbeing strategies. You Gov Barclays research in 2014 confirmed 1 in 10 employees worry about money with 1 in 5 losing sleep over it and estimated a 4% loss of productivity due to employee's financial worries.

Financial wellbeing is an increasingly important focus for organisations who want to make a difference for their people and to their business so it must be included in wellbeing strategies for holistic wellbeing to be effective.