With the introduction of LISA, the Lifetime ISA, and the already existing Cash ISA, Stocks and Shares ISA, Help to Buy ISA and Innovative Finance ISA it would appear that there is already a range of choices for individuals to choose from before even looking at different rates, providers and investments to hold in the ISA! 

It is usually accepted that choice is a good thing - allowing competition, best practice and flexibility to cater for individual need.

Workplace ISAs already exist in some companies, allowing staff to contribute alongside their pension and other workplace savings choices. 

The thought of adding another layer of ISA and making it mandatory in the workplace may seem like a step too far. Staff already struggle to understand how to make the most of their money and use their workplace benefits. 

Would adding another layer of ISA be likely to confuse them more or regulate the ISA industry and so force a standardised, consistent ISA choice?

Whatever happens, if more workplace savings options are added there will be an even greater need for education, guidance and advice to ensure employees make the most of what's on offer and make good, informed decisions.