As a film lover myself I found this article interesting and fun.

It got me thinking and I've added 5 more films that could enlighten us about some workplace behaviours:

1. Working Girl - an oldie but a goodie and Harrison Ford at his very best! This shows that great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone so we should ensure our workplace enables everyone to contribute.

2. Fury - tough, true life story that shows that teamwork is everything; that in a team everyone has a role to play and is equally important to ensure the whole team delivers. Strong teams look out for each other and work together and perform even sometimes against terrible odds.

3. Up in the Air - shows than even in an ever increasing digital world, some communications must be delivered face to face.

4. The Devil wears Prada - so many workplace lessons in this movie! But the two I wanted to highlight are: sometimes to recruit the most suitable person, you have to think outside the box; one person can change another person's views even if that person is a leader in their field and very set in their ways. 

5. The Pursuit of Happyness - a true story that shows that reward is a strong motivator, that people value honesty and that hard work and determination can overcome even the bleakest situations.