The workplace is a recognised trusted channel to reach lots of people and engage them with their benefits and improve financial wellbeing.

In recent years more and more employers have responded to an increasing demand for financial education recognising the benefits for both individual employees and to their organisation's bottom line, but many have been more wary about arranging advice.

But this tide is changing and the recent Financial Advice Market Review (FAMR), issued jointly by the FCA and HM Treasury, is a clear encouragement to employers to revisit their thinking on this and in the last 6 months we have seen an increased interest in workplace financial advice.

Employers select a range of products and product providers to offer their people as part of their reward and benefit strategies, so they are in the best position to select the most suited advice firm or a shortlist. With the increased complexity and wider choices around pensions, and the need for employees to take more responsibility for providing their own financial security, there will be an increased demand for advice. The FAMR and its recommendations encourage more employers to consider arranging advice in the workplace .