If I had a penny for every time an HR, reward or benefits professional told me that they don't feel their people understand and use the benefits they arrange, I would most likely be writing this whilst reclining somewhere sunny. Sadly though, I'm writing this from lovely but not so sunny Cheshire.

Benefits form a significant part of rewarding staff, and if these benefits are not used then it's easy to expect lower retention and engagement.

Communicating benefits is only the first step in trying to help employees see the value in them, and use them, to improve individual financial wellbeing. To really unlock the value in total reward, employees need to be guided to understand the benefits, to identify which are best for them and to be inspired and supported in how to use them.

Financial education that focuses on all benefits, not just pensions, can truly unlock the value across total reward, improve financial wellbeing now and in the future and help acquisition, retention and engagement.