Interest rates seem to be at a standstill, which is not only a concern for younger savers, but those at retirement who may have wished to use their savings to top up their pension income. Solace might not be found with deposit accounts, which are offering measly interest rates. A fixed rate deposit offer of 1.39 per cent will only return £9.25 a month if you deposit £10,000. Part of an investment strategy might also include government bonds, but as George Osborne and the government are focused on cutting the deficit, the relatively desirable Pensioner’s Bonds were withdrawn from sale eight years ago as the financial crisis hit, so are no longer available.

So, where can you turn to get more for your money?

The stock markets may appear to be shaky and in this environment savers in need of an income typically turn to government bonds, yet as they have proved so popular their yields have fallen. What is needed is a closer look at the markets, in order to uncover the areas that offer solid ground. Some larger companies are offering their shareholders a regular dividend. Some FTSE-100 companies are expected to yield around 3 per cent this year – a better return than that offered by deposit accounts. This shows that there are still options available and an investment manager can help guide you through this shaky time and find the appropriate strategy for you, if you're happy to accept some investment risk.