It is a difficult thing to measure a feeling, but that's what engagement seeks to do.

There are multiple indicators that can build up a picture of the depth of engagement, such as retention, absenteeism/ sickness levels, direct questions on engagement levels in employee opinion surveys, referral rates, NPS, happiness factors, performance levels etc. But even the most complex tasks need to start somewhere and engagement is no different. 

As with other areas of business, the best place to start is with clear objectives, targets and a defined strategy. What is the organisation trying to measure, what is it wanting from engagement, what key measures can it deliver to track progress?

For your staff's perspective, ask them what they value most and what would lead to them feeling more engaged/ happier at work. And don't underestimate getting the basics right such as being clear about their role and what's expected, how their contribution fits within the organisation's strategy, value, recognition and reward.

Engagement embodies interest, passion, pride, happiness, loyalty, motivation and when it really exists in an organisation it aligns and drives both individual and organisational wellbeing and success.