With the pension freedoms giving people more choice and control over what to do with their pension savings when retiring, the pre-April 2015 mechanism for at retirement decisions has now shifted from the pensions industry to the shoulders of the individual. That's a big ask and a big responsibility. 

Most people don't feel informed enough or confident to make decisions regarding their pension without some guidance and advice. Indeed, many still don't realise the landscape has changed, the extent of those changes and the impact on their personal financial security for retirement.

Providing financial education to those in the years leading to retirement gives individuals the  guidance they need, builds their confidence to make informed decisions and enables positive and smooth transitions both for individuals and their employers.

Some employers have provided retirement seminars to their staff for many years as a reflection of their caring and supportive culture. With the pension freedoms, retirement seminars are now essential for everyone and employers are in a unique position to ensure this support is offered.