Throughout their working life, people can accumulate a number of different pension pots with different employers and different providers.

There are three essentials:

- Make sure you inform all providers of your current address and contact details. That way they can send you an annual pension statement and contact you if there are any changes to your scheme

- Regularly review all your pensions to see if there is any benefit to you in bringing your pensions together. But check the small print so you are aware of any exit penalties or in case you might be giving up valuable built-in benefits - such as guaranteed annuity rates. You may need to take professional advice

- If you can't remember all of your old pensions, try the Pensions Tracing Service who may be able to provide your pension scheme's contact details. Contact them on:

Pension Tracing Service

The Pension Service 9

Mail Handling Site A


WV98 1LU

Phone: 0345 6002 537