When providing financial education programmes in the workplace, one of the key objectives for employers is that as a result, their staff actually make changes to improve their financial wellbeing, as well as their financial knowledge - i.e. that real change happens.

It's interesting to see in this article that these employers have taken that a step further for their graduate employees. This illustrates a number of things:

  • the lengths these employers will go to differentiatiate what they can offer to attract the best talent
  • the obvious benefits for the graduates themselves, removing the huge debt burden at the very start of their career, so giving them the headroom to start saving as early as possible and make the most of the other benefits these employers will offer
  • the clear signal that these employer recognise in the importance of financial wellbeing and engagement with finances and their benefits in competing in the employment market and in starting new joiners off with the very best benefits habits from the moment they join.

Financial wellbeing is becoming an ever more important consideration in the workplace and one that is valued and valuable to both employees and employers.